We also have offices in Guangzhou. The feature of Guangzhou market is high specialism. A building or an area is a market, where clients can find all the corresponding products concerning a specific category. We will take professional clients to Guangzhou to purchase. The characteristic of Yiwu is its vast range of categories of products. You can find everything you want in Yiwu. The products in Yiwu markets include daily needs, industrial supplies, city construction goods, etc. One-stop purchase and one-stop service can be achieved in Yiwu. Most importantly, the convenient and fast railway and airlift system make Yiwu an international metropolis.

We have been in Yiwu for ten years. The elites in our company are the generation born after 1980, who are young and energetic. By now the international trading business covers the whole world, including Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan, Dubai, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, America, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Argentina, etc.

Yes, by now we have cooperated with companies from many countries covering the five continents. The products can be roughly divided into six major categories, Garden machinery, Daily necessities, Fitness equipment, Electronic products, Pet supplies, Children’s toys. We concentrate on brand effect. Brand is life. In the past decade, we attentively aided every client and made many efforts during the period of helping them to found brands and increase the popularity of the brands. Because brand is paramount. Factories cooperating with us all have long history, advanced managing ideas and rigid quality-control system, making zero inferior or low-quality product. Our team has rich experience in quality examination. All of these conditions are guarantees to ensure brand effect of Dreambase.

We do not rank our clients by the scales of the companies. We will formulate an embryo position according to clients’ condition regarding to his adept fields and target customers. We suggest clients to establish brand ideas at the initial stage. We will introduce factories cooperating with us to clients and ensure perfect quality. Most importantly, we require factories to provide after-sale service in time before cooperation. High-quality products and timely quality after-sale service are the roots of sales, which can only be done by brands. Because Dreambase is a famous brand in their minds.

No, we don’t share factories to clients. Instead, we provide suggestions. Because it is commercial secrets of clients. Many big brand traders have secrecy agreement with us before cooperation. Of course we will sign a secrecy agreement with factories: Factories can not produce privately without the authority of clients. Factories can not reveal the product information in any forms. But we can tell clients the information such as the strength of the factory, the time having been cooperated with us, the quality of products, public reputation, etc.