Over 1000 shops are selling artificial flowers and artificial flowers accessories there.On the 4th floor of District One, International Trade City, there is a Taiwanese owned section. You can find some really quality stuff there.Artificial flowers market is one of the earliest local markets, has more than 10 years history.

2500+ showrooms

Huge variety.

Min.order  low to 50pcs / bag / color. Stock available

Open 7 days a week.

Products: belts and buckles

MOQ: 120-240 pcs per style

Scale: about 1,000 suppliers, yearly turnover 300+ million USD

Location: 4th Floor, District 4, International Trade City.

Opening hrs: 09:00 – 17:00, all year round except a close down during The Spring Festival.

Yiwu is one of China’s national cosmetics manufacturing bases, has around 300 factories producing cosmetics and cosmetic accessories for over 500 big and small brands. Perfumes produced in these factories are being sold in shops in Paris with various brands.

The hair ornament market is one of the most developed and successful markets in Yiwu. This is a market with all necessary facilities like air-condition system, beverage vending machines and restaurants.However, the biggest problem for this market now is the shortage of space. Too crowded! This is also a proof that the business here is very good.

Yiwu actually started selling hats and caps as early as 1980s. As Yiwu market grew, hats and caps industry also boomed. Many factories from Wenling, Taizhou, Ningbo, Shandong, Jiangsu and Guangdong came to Yiwu to have their showrooms opened up since early 1990s.Local government has encouraged more and more hats can caps traders have their own factories set up in Yiwu since 1990s. Till now, Yiwu has about 300 factories producing hats and caps, bringing in a 50,000,000 USD turnover yearly.

Almost all types of cheap jewelry parts, findings, accessories, tools are available. Silver parts, gold / gold plated parts are not much. Precious stones are few.Products from here are not only from Yiwu, but also from other parts of China like Qingdao and Guangzhou.Almost all in stock, rest can delver within 7 days.

The business rat race never stops. More and more suppliers from all over China choose Yiwu market as the first place to put their newest models and quote their lowest price, for a bigger market share, or just for eyeballs.This made Yiwu market a happy paradise for buyers. Buyers just simply come to one place and examine all China products: the newest models, the latest trend, and the bottom line prices. Then decide whether or not to place orders.

Market scale: about 1,400 wholesale shops
Market make up: 28% factories direct sell, 72% distributers and representatives
Yearly transactions: 300,000,000+ pcs which values around 400 million USD
Market share: 60% in China local market, 18% in global market
Products origin: Hangzhou, Tonglu, Jiande, Linping, Huzhou… mostly from Zhejiang and Jiangsu province.
Products range: Silk Scarves, Square Silk Scarf, Chiffon Scarves, Cotton Scarves, Linen Scarves, Knit Scarf, Pashmina Shawls, Crocheted Shawls-Scarf, Animal Print Scarf, Evening Shawls, Mens Scarves, Head Scarf, Velvet Neck Scarves, Fur Scarves, Winter Scarves, Muslim scarves…

Unlike many other markets in Yiwu, having up to a 70-80% factory direct outlet centers, this market has only about 50% stalls claim their identities as factory outlet centers. The other half is made up of agents and distributors.

This is because Yiwu itself is not that strong at making shoes.

“1/2 people in the world whose shoes are produced in China, and 1/4 people in the world whose shoes are directly, or indirectly bought from Yiwu market.”

This is what people say about Made-in-China shoes and Yiwu shoes market.

Dear friends, let me introduce you toady, the flagship market of Yiwu – Yiwu Socks Market. Here we go:Yiwu Socks Market is a must-see if you visit Yiwu, even you do not have socks on your sourcing list. You are going to know why after finish reading this short article.Firstly, let’s have a big picture of Yiwu socks producers.Over half of the socks in the world are produced by Yiwu and its close neighbor – Zhuji, which is one hour ride away.So if you have 10 socks in your wardrobe, most probably, 5 of them are produced and shipped out from here.One single socks producer in Yiwu can produce 1.8 million pair of socks per day.I don’t know what the population of your city is. You can calculate how many days should this producer work to make each your people a pair of socks.The world biggest 5 socks producers are all located in Yiwu. One of them is even the exclusive supplier for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. That’s the first socks exclusive supplier in Olympic history.They are also an official partner of NBA.

As clothes, bags, scarves and other accessories business promising in Yiwu, the demand of thread, ribbons and laces is also boosting.

This 1,000 suppliers wholesale market is actually supporting thousands of factories in and around Yiwu. Most of these suppliers are from Zhejiang province which is famous in China for knitting and weaving business in centuries.

2,000+ shops. Products from all over China. Huge variety.

Over 60% shops has some stock.

 MOQ low to 1 carton per item.

Open 7 days a week.

General toys

Flush toys

Stuffed toys

Electric toys

Educational toys

Holiday and party toys