Belts Wholesale Market Yiwu China

– by Joy from 

  • Products: belts and buckles
  • MOQ: 120-240 pcs per style
  • Scale: about 1,000 suppliers, yearly turnover 300+ million USD
  • Location: 4th Floor, District 4, International Trade City.
  • Opening hrs: 09:00 – 17:00, all year round except a close down during The Spring Festival.


Some shops only sell men’s belts, brown and black are their main colors.

Now our society advocates protecting environment, so materials are mostly PU and PVC, there are genuine leather belt shops too , but not as many as PU and PVC ones.

Leather belts have different prices for different qualities , price for the fist cow leather is higher, it varies from about 25 RMB to a little more than 30RMB. Price for the Second leather vares from 16 to 24 , PU belts’ prices are much lower . 


Women’s belts shops look more colorful. Colors are as many as you can imagine. Many of them are just for decoration.

Styles are A LOT:

Some are very slim and elegant,some are very wide thick and bulky; Some are with metal chains ,some are with weaving rope; Some are with shining crystals; Some are with beautiful printings.

Like men’s belts ,the most popular materials are PU and PVC. 


Generally speaking, there are three kinds of buckle:

Needle buckle ,which is used for belt body that with holes. Automatic buckle and smooth buckles, which are for belts without holes.

Some of these alloy buckles are produced in GuangZhou,look shining with good quality.

When exported to Europe and American countries , they are required non-toxic,so the metal buckles are nickel-free. 


If the stalls have stock ,you can buy small quantities ,just a dozen or one carton.

If they do not have stock, usually 120-240 pcs.