• Location: 2nd Floor, District 3, International Trade City.
  • Opening hours: 09:00-17:00, 7×365, except a 7-day-close down during Spring Festival.
yiwu office supplies stationery market

Hello my friend, today I’d like to show you around Yiwu office supplies and stationery market. Ready? Here we go:

Yiwu Office Supplies and Stationery Market is actually, pretty new. Opened in 2005, but now it is already one of the biggest markets in Yiwu.

This market has more than 2,500 stalls for pencil sharpeners, pencil cases, pencil pouches, erasers, correction fluids, rulers, adhesive tapes, file folders, notepads, terrestrial globes, paper clips…

Just all kinds of big and small articles you need for setting up a stationary store.

one stall only for file folders 
file folders

Variety is OK, styles or models maybe not as exactly as those in your mind. You may need to change them a bit here and there to meet your local customers’ tastes.

Don’t worry. This is not a problem at all. Most of the suppliers can do the modifications for you, according to your requirements.

The prices are extremely cheap if you get the right suppliers. A € 0.20 Euro marker from this market pen can be sold at € 3.00 Euros at a corner store in Paris.

You can have some ideas of how big the gap is, by looking at the items in What’s Hot section at the bottom of this page.

rubber bands inside one wholesale stall
rubber bands wholesale

Most suppliers in Yiwu Office Supplies and Stationery Market are from Zhejiang province and Guangdong province, including many strong manufacturing cities and towns like Shantou, Wenzhou and Ningbo.

Brands stretch widely from Global brands to China top brands, to local top brands, to local small brands, then to non-brands.

Want global brands? Yiwu is certainly not a good choice although it has a few for branding.

Want China top brands? Yiwu is a good place worth a look, as Yiwu brought in most of the China top brands in recent years.

Want small brands or non-brands? Yiwu is a must-go place on your list. Cheap price and OK quality is what Yiwu is famous for, this will go on for at least 10 more years.

small brand wholesale calculator, not CASIO!
wholesale calculator

And you will also find many stalls here are just focusing on small things like rubber bands and paper clips.

These shops are full of cheap and small things. It will take you a good ten minutes to figure out how many colors and how many shapes of paper clips do they have inside one shop.

one stall only for paper clips

The business rat race never stops. More and more suppliers from all over China choose Yiwu market as the first place to put their newest models and quote their lowest price, for a bigger market share, or just for eyeballs.

This made Yiwu market a happy paradise for buyers. Buyers just simply come to one place and examine all China products: the newest models, the latest trend, and the bottom line prices. Then decide whether or not to place orders.

They can also easily pick up a bit of this and a bit of that just inside one building, then mix them in one container and ship back home to test market, instead of traveling all around China and contacting dozens of suppliers.

new types of adhesive tape in one stall
adhesive tape wholesale

Featured Products:

an USB pencil sharpener
usb pencil sharpener

This USB pencil sharpener is new. Simple plug-and-start-sharpening style.

No more hand screw ups, no more batteries. As long you as you are near a USB port: in your office, in your car, in your bedroom. You can plug-and-start-sharpening!

This new baby can easily become a star among school kids, just like the USB mini fans on ladies’ office desks nowadays.

no stables stapler
no staples stapler

Above picture shows another new baby called “no stables stapler”. It can simply stable a few pages together by pinching a hole and folding the pinched piece of paper on the other side.

But it will not work so easily if you want to stable more than 10 pages.

cheap erasers
erasers cheap


erasers wholesale

These cheap, cutie-shaped erasers are always welcomed. “They are just so cheap and so cutie that buyers cannot resist from ordering more”, as told by my friend, Mr. Sun inside market.

cheap pencil pouch
pencil pouch cheap

This is another piece of “cheap crap”, but hot selling item. The reasons for hot selling are CHEAP and nice looking! This pencil pouch is also waterproof when zipped on.

shoes shaped pencil pouch
pencil pouch wholesale

This is another hot selling product based on “eyeballs catching”.

The factories near Yiwu are so good at inventing, maybe sometimes copying, this kind of stuff. Kids are always easily be attracted by “strange and new” things.

funny paper clip dispenser
paper clip dispenser

Oh, I nearly forgot this paper clips dispenser. The paper clips are either inside the basin, or sticked to the buddy’s hips by a piece of magnet. Funny? um… you judge.