• Location: 3rd Floor, District 4, International Trade City.
  • Opening hours: 09:00-17:00,7×365, except a 15-day-close down during Spring Festival.

This brand new, spacious marketplace is the new home for about 2,500 stalls of wholesale shoes.

Unlike many other markets in Yiwu, having up to a 70-80% factory direct outlet centers, this market has only about 50% stalls claim their identities as factory outlet centers. The other half is made up of agents and distributors.

This is because Yiwu itself is not that strong at making shoes.

“1/2 people in the world whose shoes are produced in China, and 1/4 people in the world whose shoes are directly, or indirectly bought from Yiwu market.”

This is what people say about Made-in-China shoes and Yiwu shoes market.

A stall of wholesale sandals 

Shoes in this market are from all over China:

High quality, new style shoes from Guangzhou, Wenzhou, and Dongguan; OK quality, nicely copied shoes from Taizhou and Wenling; cheap and crap shoes from other nearby cities and towns.

The suppliers from Chongqing are strong at ladies shoes. Wenzhou suppliers are famous for leisure shoes, and Quanzhou and Jinjiang suppliers are good at sports shoes.

Most sandals and slippers are from Guangdong and Fujian province.

One interesting thing is that there are also several stalls for Made-in-Vietnam shoes and Made-in-Thailand shoes.

Shoes makers from these countries also begin to take advantage of Yiwu market as a window to introduce their products.

A stall of wholesale ladies boots 

Dozens of top China brands came into this market since its opening last year, but most of the stalls are full of small brands and non-brands. The whole market is still a paradise for “Cheap price, OK quality” stuff.

Variety is beyond your imagination. Women shoes, men shoes, kids shoes, infants shoes. Shoes for ballet dancers, shoes for fire fighters, shoes for rock climbers…

Most of the stalls can OEM according to your requests.

Over 95% of the stalls inside this market do export and about 30% of them ONLY do export.

“Not for local market, not for retail” just as the notice they put on their doors to keep away not-wanted customers.

A stall of cheap wholesale slippers 

Both price and variety make Yiwu shoes market one of the most important shoe markets in China. Especially for buyers who want to source shoes from China. 

Featured Products:

folding shoes 

These folding shoes can save a lot of space. So they are much cheaper to ship in container and much easier to store back at home. No more wasting shoe boxes.

09 new style ladies boots 

These boots can help ladies feet breathe more easily.

They’re soft and light, easy and comfy. Young girls may find them very attractive.

crocs style shoes 

These crocs style shoes are still very hot. No matter for kids or ladies, or men.

cheap canvas shoes 

Cheap, good quality, nice patterns canvas shoes are always sold well in this market. Students and young people are the main target customers.

ladies summer shoes 

This style ladies summer shoes with a small mouth opening in the front, and many more holes in the upper are very popular in this season.

They’re cute, comfy and endurable.